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Alexandra Maffett, LPC, ELI-MP

(931) 349-6282
Alexandra Maffett Coaching

One Sentence Treatment Philosophy

I believe in the power of releasing our past and stepping into the person God created us to be, free of any diagnosis, label, or limiting beliefs.

Personal Statement of Faith

I am a strong believer in the healing power of Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. I believe that God is forgiving and loves us very much. I also believe that God does NOT make a mistake, and every single person on this earth was made with, and for, a purpose. God is with us every second of every day and we can reach out to him whenever we want. He loves us so much and all he wants from us is to love Him and lead our lives in honor of him.

Area(s) of Specialty

Compulsive Exercise

Unique Therapies/Offerings

Web-Based Services

Current License(s) and/or Certification(s)

License/Certification State or Accrediting Agency
Certified Professional CoachICF



Other Info

Alexandra knows what it is like to be struggling with an eating disorder. She knows and remembers how scary it can be to finally let go of the disease that feels like part of you. She knows what it is like to feel like she will never break free from the ED demands. BUT she also knows what it is like to finally embrace recovery and discover her real purpose. After recovering from her own ED she knew she wanted to help others break free from the terrible shackles of the ED.


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